Video Editor — Youtube

Video & Post

A bit about us:

Vague is a content company producing and managing the world's leading print, digital, video and social brands leveraging tech & AI. In a world where creators are reshaping entertainment, our mission is to amplify their content across various platforms relentlessly.

The speed read:

We're seeking YouTube Expert Video Editors with mastery in Premiere Pro and a profound understanding of the YouTube platform. Your role will involve leveraging your extensive knowledge and skills to edit content for globally renowned creators. If you have a flair for motion design, speak fluent English, and possess a blend of initiative and creativity, you're the perfect fit for our dynamic team. Be a part of this exciting journey in the heart of the creator economy and leave a distinctive mark with your editing artistry.

The facts:

As a member of our video editing division, you'll play a crucial role in crafting extraordinary content, ensuring compliance with GDPR for data protection and respecting intellectual property (IP) rights. This role offers the privilege of collaborating with our partners across different time zones and handling footage from influential content creators.

You'll be:

  • Editing and curating video content for Youtube and repackaging for other platforms.
  • Working closely with our creative team and partners within a multi-stage verification pipeline.
  • Stay on top leveraging our stack of workflows, tools and libraries.

You need to have:

  • Over 2 years of experience in video editing.
  • Expertise in creating concise, impactful content tailored for social media.
  • Proficiency in content editing tools, especially Premiere Pro.
  • Deep understanding of the YouTube platform and social media trends.
  • Ability to consistently deliver high-quality content under tight deadlines.
  • Fluent in English and excellent at collaboration and communication.


  • Mastery of YouTube's unique storytelling and editing techniques.
  • In-depth knowledge of YouTube's algorithm and user engagement strategies.
  • Ability to edit for varying video lengths catering to YouTube audience retention.
  • Skill in integrating annotations, end screens, and interactive elements effectively.
  • Expertise in balancing visual and auditory elements for YouTube's diverse platform.
  • A good grasp of motion design principles (appreciated, not mandatory).


  • 80-140k PKR standard remuneration
  • 300 USD quarterly OKR streak bonus
  • 60-100 USD per smash/instance bonus